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Meet Our Team

Certified Aesthetics Specialists

As experienced professionals in the beauty industry, each one of the staff members in our Dermatology Clinic has their own specialty. Together, we make a winning team of experts eager to serve our clients and achieve their treatment goals. Our beauty professionals are always there to listen to our patients’ needs and concerns, and able to create a unique treatment plan for each of them. Want to meet one of our specialists? Give us a call today.


  Dr. Samer Abouzeid

MD - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Tel: +961 70 823919

Doctorate in medicine from Saint-Joseph University Medical School.
Graduate in plastic and reconstructive surgery from the Saint-Joseph University Medical School.
Dr. Samer is an expert in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, including facial nerve paralysis and microvascular reconstruction.Microsurgery Fellowship with emphasis on breast reconstruction from CHUV, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
He also completed his  Doctorate in dental surgery graduate from Saint-Joseph University Dental Medicine School.
USMLE certified,Microsurgery certified USJ,Certificate in Genetics and molecular biology USJ
He Participated and operated in a craniofacial workshop with Dr David Matthews in King Hussein medical center, Amman, Jordan.
He Attended symposia: emergency medicine course, geriatric oncology course.He also  Participated in the organization of 2 symposia for the dental medicine faculty of the Saint-Joseph University

Dr. Joumana Safar

Licensed Surgeon Stomatologist

Tel: +961 3 462246


Dr Joumana has over twenty years of experience  with  aesthetic facial procedures  and skin care services in Brussels and Lebanon , graduated from Université Libre de Bruxelles,becoming an expert in facial rejuvenation and corrective treatments. She also has extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and tools used for these services and continues to engage professionally with these developments so that she is at the forefront of treatment advancements to provide for her patients.She is devoted to finding the most effective treatments available and customizes all her in-office services to be unique to each patient, finding the most effective treatments available to ensure the best possible results.Joumana also designs these treatments to address a variety of skin conditions and concerns and educates her patients on how to effectively care for their skin at home. It is her goal to provide long-term, corrective solutions for all skin types and conditions, and she prides herself in delivering results that make her patients feel happy and confident in their skin.“My passion is to help people achieve their skin goals to look and feel their best new you”

dr samer.jpg

Dr Bassam Habbal

Board Certified Dermatologist

Tel: +961 3 220013



Dr. Bassam Habbal, a board-certified dermatologist, is an internationally recognized leader in medical and aesthetic dermatology treatments and research studies which continue to lead to new and exciting dermatologic treatments. Holds a dermatology, venereology and cosmetology degree from university of St. Petersburg, also a degree in internal medicine, and a degree in general medicine.
He’s also an active member within his community as a Clinical Professor of Dermatology ,  and has aided in having legislation and regulations passed that protect people from unqualified personnel performing cosmetic medical procedures.
Treating patients with compassion and dignity each day always been part of his passion in his job. Dr. Habbal is able to remain at the forefront of medical advancements.  As a leading clinical dermatologist and master injector, he is known not only for treating tougher cases of acne and psoriasis, but also as an artist to maximize his patient’s youthful look. As an expert skin surgeon who helps teach surgery to dermatologists in training, Dr. Habbal continues to focus on removing skin cancers, moles, all other skin growths, and repairing torn earlobes.
At Derma Silk Clinic, Dr. Bassam devotes time to getting to know each individual patient so that he can provide them with the best possible care. He is sure to spend time with each patient to learn from them and help them feel better about themselves. Seeing his patients excited and engaged about their skincare continues to excite and motivate him.


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